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Colt Revolving Rifle
The colt revolving rifle, cartridge box, belt and buckle were all picked up by
a farmer right after the war.  These items were found on land right near
Horseshoe Ridge on the bloody field of Chickamauga. They were taken
home and kept in his family for over 100 years. The cartridge box is in
excellent condition and retains its original box plate that accompanied it into
battle.  As for the Colt revolving rifle, it is in full functioning order. All parts
work. Sights, cylinder, hammer (in both positions), loading leaver and
trigger all move. When pulling the hammer back, it still sounds as crisp as
the day it was dropped. It even has one round still in the cylinder. The serial
number is 1756 and is in the range of that of the famed 21st Ohio that
carried these guns into battle. The previous owner believed that this gun
was carried by Private Thomas Plemon of the 21st Ohio who was wounded
in this battle but returned to his regiment some time later. Where the gun
and other items were found is very well documented and is signed, with
witnesses. It went through two reputable dealers before the last owner had
it. I now own it and this will be properly documented as well.  What a great
piece of American history!

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