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Confederate dead in front of Battery Robinette the     
  morning after the battle Oct. 5, 1862. The men         
standing in the distance are from the 14th Missouri     
 or "Western Sharpshooters."
Hello, my name is Mark Hurley. I would like to
thank you for visiting my site. My interest in
the Civil War came at an early age, mostly
because of growing up in a hot bed of the
war - Corinth, Mississippi.  

I have reenacted, taken part in the movie
"Glory", relic hunted, bought, sold and traded
relics for 25 years.  Almost all of my trading
has been done at area relic shows or local
dealers.  So, I thought why limit myself so
much.  Why not trade worldwide with people
with a similar interest.  

Although my heart is in the Civil War, I find all
war relics very interesting.  Relics of all wars
have a story to tell of the men or women that
touched or used them. That's why this site is
named War torn Relics - it encompasses
all wars.

Once again, thanks for stopping by.
E - MAIL:  wartornrelics@yahoo.com
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